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My first real estate walkthrough video

I've created my first real estate walkthrough video. I hadn't planned on dwelling into video after passed experiences editing them. However, a real estate agent who I have been working with for over 3 years has been asking me for them. After about 3 months of saying that I do not provide video work for my clients to him, I finally broke down and gave it a shot. Of course I didn't charge him for the first one as I had no clue as to what my final product would be like. I used a gimbal I had laying around for 3 years and made a bunch of clips of the property. I out sourced my edits for a video. This is what was produced.

I was pleased with the edit and my client was thrilled as well! I am now learning filming techniques and also video editing using Davinci Resolve. I'm eager to learn this genre as a creative and allows me to add a huge product that I should have added years ago. I'd like to say thank you to the agent who pushed me into branching out and offering this product to my clients.

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