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Hotel Photo Shoot

Recently, I was invited to shoot a hotel in San Francisco as part of a team. I usually work on my own for these projects. However, a photographer friend landed a shoot at a very lush property in San Francisco. He had a team setup for the shoot that included a interior designer, a prop handler, and a person who only handled the beds. The "bed person" was the most critical part of this shoot. The bed linens were steamed and ironed and made to perfection!

My job was composition and photography of the rooms. My typical method is light composites. The image above represents 12 frames composited into one. We shot the entire property with this method. The shoot was about 7 hours. The hotel provided us a choice of sandwich lunch which included beverages, fruits, chips, and a cookie.

The shoot itself was methodical. Every shot was detailed in composition, design, and feel. The team approved of the shot in camera before I went in a lighting frenzy.

Overall, I was pleased with the turnout of the imagery and most of all, the work put in by the team. Hospitality photography is still my favorite type of photography. Seeing different types of hotels and each having their unique design is something I appreciate.


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